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MIVA Merchant

MIVA Merchant 5 takes your online business to the next level, providing unlimited potential with unprecedented power, flexibility, and ease of use. Designed for success, MIVA Merchant 5 gives access to all of the tools you need to develop, maintain, and grow a thriving online store.

It includes modules for customer registration, shipping integration, inventory tracking, affiliate management, transaction processing and much more. Miva Merchant has a complete set of wizards to simplify the process of building your store, maintaining your product catalog, and fulfilling orders.

MIVA Merchant is included in the SimpleNet Commerce package and can be added to the S-150 and S-300 packages.

MIVA Merchant 5 includes the following:

  • Advanced catalog, customer, and order management systems
  • No limits on the amount of store data
  • Complete store design control with new Store Morph Technology™
  • Integrated credit card processing and shipping calculation
  • An expansive list of add-on modules and services
  • And much more

Key Features & Benefits

Powerful Store Design Tools

MIVA Merchant 5, with Store Morph Technology™, provides complete control over your entire online store design. Use the built-in store template, modify pages to suit your specific business needs, or create your own custom pages.

Catalog Management

MIVA Merchant 5 has been designed with no limitations on the number of products, categories, or sub-categories. Assign thumbnail and full-size images to display your products in detail.

Inventory Tracking and Product Merchandising

The extensive inventory tracking system in MIVA Merchant 5 allows you to keep tabs on your merchandise. Display inventory messages that tell your customers about product availability, if stock is running low, or hide out of stock products from your shopping cart. Suggest complementary and upsale products in the order process or at check out to help boost sales.

Order Processing and Customer Management

Run batch reports to analyze order data. Process your orders through a payment gateway from within MIVA Merchant 5. Encrypt sensitive payment details with order encryption. Send confirmation email messages when customers place orders. Notification emails can also be copied to a third party for drop-shipping. Customers can create accounts, providing them easy access to their account details and addresses.

Shipping Calculation and Payment Processing

FedEx and USPS shipping calculators in MIVA Merchant 5 retrieve real-time shipping rates based on weight and distance. MIVA Merchant 5 also provides a number of table-based shipping modules to help you offer a range of shipping options to your customers. MIVA Merchant 5 has a wide variety of built-in payment modules, designed to work smoothly with industry leaders. These payment modules were designed in partnership with the Payment Gateway providers, to ensure security and ease-of-use.

Documentation and Support

MIVA Merchant 5 includes a comprehensive online help system. Each topic is available at the click of a mouse directly through the MIVA Merchant 5 administration interface. Detailed instructions explain how to accomplish the task at hand, and provide information to help you learn how to use the tool most effectively for your business.

For a complete list of features included with MIVA Merchant 5, please view:

MIVA Merchant 5 Manual
MIVA Merchant 5 Features

To order MIVA Merchant 5, please choose the SimpleNet Commerce package or add it from the Control Panel after you order the SimpleNet S-150 or SimpleNet S-300 package.

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