SimpleNet's Private Label Reseller Program - easier then ever.

How It Works

1. Sign Up for the SimpleNet Private Label Reseller Program

There is no reseller program comparable to SimpleNet's. With a completely private labeled solution that maintains our anonymity and packages that you build to fit your customers, SimpleNet is the only choice for your web hosting business. So now, it's time to sign up for the program!

Sign Up for the Private Label Reseller Program.

2. Customize Your Web Hosting Packages

Our reseller program is one of the most versatile on the market. It allows you to build your own packages from an a la carte menu of hosting components.  You determine the quantity of email accounts, disk space, and other components that you'd like to include in packages that make the most sense for your customers.  Very few web hosts provide this flexibility and functionality.

Learn more about customizing packages...

3. Create/Edit Your Online Presence

Now that you've signed up for the program and customized your packages, it's time to create or edit your web site so that you can effectively promote your new services.  The general design is up to you, but feel free to contact SimpleNet as we can assist with setting up merchant accounts/payment gateways, secure certificates and a registrar relationship.  If you've got a question, give us a call!

4. Open Your Web Hosting Company For Business

With a private label brand on your products, complete anonymity and totally custom packages, you are ready to open for business. All of these attributes, including the world-class SimpleNet infrastructure, have prepared you for the final step of the process...

5. Start Earning Monthly Income!

The Private Label Reseller Program is perfect for webmasters, designers, ISPs, consultants, small businesses and entrepreneurs who are looking to maximize their profit potential while minimizing the duty of maintenance. It is also a fantastic solution for communities, associations, sports leagues or any other entity that could make use of a personal or business web page to promote their products, services or groups.

How quickly does recurring monthly revenue add up? Let's say that you add five $10/month accounts each month. In month one, you will have grossed $50 from those five accounts. In month two, you have the $50 from the accounts that were signed up in month one, plus the $50 from the five new accounts signed up in month two.

  • Month 1: 5 Accounts x $10 per Account = $50 Gross Revenue Per Month
  • Month 2: 10 Accounts x $10 per Account = $100 Gross Revenue Per Month
  • Month 6: 30 Accounts x $10 per Account = $300 Gross Revenue Per Month
  • Month 12: 60 Accounts x $10 per Account = $600 Gross Revenue Per Month
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