SimpleNet's Revolutionary Architecture makes the difference.

About SimpleNet

In the hosting business since the mid-1990's, the employees that currently make up SimpleNet's work force were among those who created the first Internet Presence Provider (IPP), or web host. Their relentless endeavors over the years have helped mold many of the services and concepts used by the hosting industry, including high quality, easy-to-build, reliable, and inexpensive web hosting. As this team continues to solve engineering problems and market technologies, SimpleNet is extending the philosophy of "simplicity" to the complicated acronyms and technical jargon of today's Internet through communicating understandable services, products, and prices to the customer.

Revolutionary Architecture

Our revolutionary hosting architecture is the latest step to, once again, exceed the standards and expectations of the industry. This architecture is the differentiator between a web hosting provider doing everything to help their clients be successful and those who merely throw up a page and announce that they are a web host.

Our philosophy begins with the company name: SimpleNet. The Internet is complicated enough as it is. Therefore, we make simplicity the foundation of each decision.

  • We create understandable website hosting products and services at a sensible price.
  • We speak with you and not at you about your needs.
  • We listen to our customer base about new ideas and innovations.
  • We know web hosting and have the expertise to help you be successful.

This simple and successful philosophy has produced tens of thousands of loyal customers in all 50 states and over 120 countries worldwide.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions that you may have.

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